What if there were someone you could turn to who really “got” you?

About Kim Fiske

Kim Fiske is a respected speaker, author and thought-leader who is sought after for her ability to convey to audiences provocative concepts and practical ways to identify and navigate what she has coined as the “monster under the bed”.

She is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Coach of Life Planning (CCLP), a 7-figure Income Earner in Relationship Marketing, Member of The Association of Network Marketing Professionals, Member of the National Speakers Association, eWomen Network Platinum Member, PRO Member of The Association of Network Marketing Professionals and a Member of the American Business Women’s Association

When she isn’t helping others create the life of their dreams, Kim spends time with her husband Joe at their homes in Nevada and Oregon. They have four children and five grandchildren. Her enthusiasm, humor, insights and passion for life combined with her practical experience and applications can show you how to make your life the best it can be. She will help you find the path to a life that is happier and more enriched than you ever even imagined possible! 

We Are In a Pivotal Place in History

Never before has there been more division in our homes, our relationships, our communities and in our world as a whole. Based on Kim’s coaching, internal conflicts seem to be at an all-time high and she can no longer sit back and watch lives, careers and relationships fall apart. It’s time to really dig in and find then replace the pain, the fear, the lies and the dysfunction that are causing chaos in your life with clarity and resolution. 

Kim wants to help you dig deep…

Kim began her business with a goal of addressing the overwhelming feeling of chaos in the world. The process and the principles she has been using over the past 25 years are now available to all. Finally you can get the guidance and help you need to get a new perspective resulting in more mindfulness and a conscious approach to your life’s journey.


"I can’t say enough about the impact Kim Fiske has made on my life, my business, my finances and my inner growth."

- Jamil F.

"Kim has been the most influential mentor of my lifetime..."

-  Lydia K.

"Kim’s principles of having fun doing what you want to do and not what the world says you should do have had the most impact on me..."

-  David B.

What is the “monster?”