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This is the Most Important Word in Yoga

Hello, sweet tribe! I just found this video while scrolling through my phone, and oh my goodness - this is important. Watch below to hear my post-yoga thoughts about a concept I think we should all live by.   & You guys... if you haven't already, sign up...

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You Will Find What You’re Looking For

Whatcha looking at? Did you know that: Where you look, there you will go?Where attention goes, your energy flows?When you look - you will find?We don’t see with our physical eyes - we see with our mind’s eyes? If you start looking at (and for) the things in your world...

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FAQ: On Writing My Book

If you follow me on social media, you know that I promised to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about how I wrote "The Monster Under the Bed: Uncovering the Lie That Drives Us."  Let's dive right in... Q: What did it feel like when you first decided to write your...

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What if We Demanded More Love From the Media?

Last year, I attended a Media Summit in New York to talk about my book. I talked to the biggest media outlets in our country. They were very specific about the stories they wanted - It had to have an emotional/sensational, mostly liberal message. No rational, kind,...

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3 Steps to Dealing with Curveballs

Life has a way of throwing us the unexpected – just when we least expect it! We have a plan or a path, and then suddenly, something shows up that we did not put there… and it throws us off…

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