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Who are you at the deep, spiritual level? Are you living a life that resonates with your highest self? To be human is to carry the beliefs and programming from our childhood, and to struggle with patterns of fear, control, comparison, and other “monsters” that keep us stuck. The good news is that our brains are capable of immense Rewiring. Ignite Vision provides you with meditation exercises, Live calls, and a supportive community that will help you emotionally and spiritually align to your true self.

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Chances are you’ve “discovered” your vision for life before, or made lists & goals & plans… but at some point, you fall out of sync with the Universe and what feels good. There are tons of methods out there that promise to make you happy once and for all, but the truth is that it takes simple, daily experiences, connecting you to your divine, True Self, with a community of like-hearted people and watch out! Your true vision will ignite & your life will unfold in miraculous ways.

Think of Ignite Vision as your foundation for Rewiring and manifesting the life you’re here to live, and your main support for spiritual growth. If you want to feel calmer, relieve stress, shift from fear to peace, have a spiritual community to grow with, heal toxic patterns of control – fear – blame – judgement – and other “monsters,” rewire childhood traumas and beliefs, or simply have a daily practice to keep you grounded, this is for you.

Without a consistent practice of meditation, visualization, rewiring, and community support, it is easy to remain stuck in unhealthy patterns, feel stressed and out of place, continue to be ruled by our inner child, and live with toxic patterns in our finances, relationships, and overall lives.

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The DRE changes out weekly, and is to be repeated daily or as frequently as desired in your own time. The link gets sent out via e-mail and in the Facebook Group, and the video is hosted on YouTube (privately) so you can easily save it. These exercises use our imaginations to help us create the visuals that spark the deep emotional responses needed to align with the truthfulness of who we really are. Our imagination is a huge tool for the rewiring process, because our subconscious can’t always tell the difference between something that is happening in our external world and what is happening in our imagination – especially if our emotional response is similar. DREs are imaginative exercises, usually with a slightly different theme per video, that tap into these emotions. The more emotions we experience, rewire and/or release, this helps accomplish the rewiring of our deep psyche.


The Centering Call is a daily, LIVE meditation calls on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link and password in your e-mail as soon as you sign up, and it is also pinned to the top of the Facebook Group. It is an hour long call, with the first 15 minutes guided, focused on embedding and cementing what we call the 4 Pillars of Ignite Vision. These are our foundational principles we build our lives on. (A downloadable PDF of the pillars can be found in the Facebook Group.) Bringing repeated awareness to these pillars is a powerful, rewiring strategy that results in lives completely changing. The rest of the meditation call is just silence/music. People are free to stay as long as they like, meditate, and/or journal during as they choose. It’s a sacred/special time together.


We have a weekly Synergy Group Call, held on Zoom, which is a discussion call. This is a place to gather to really connect & have conversation with others, as opposed to a meditation call. As with everything in Ignite Vision, you can participate to the extent that serves you best – whether that looks like showing up to every call, or simply doing the DREs in your own time. The Facebook Group is available 24/7 for communication as well. It’s always more fun and supportive to be with like-minded people. When those you surround yourself with understand and can relate to what you’re going through, there is strength, compassion and support. It is palpable. Relationships outside the group are formed and life-long friendships result. It’s in our DNA to need people – Ignite Vision is a strong group who show up for each other and enhance each other’s capacity for self-development.

.I’ve taken a deep dive into my personal development the past two years. I was at a standstill as to how I was going to continue to develop my vision and encourage others to do the same. Divine intervention happened – you showed up along with your vision! Thanks for keeping this true to your inherent knowing with Ignite Vision.
Kristi W.

I have had much victory in many areas of my life, yet at the same time I found myself self sabotaging in the areas that I wanted to move forward in the most. This process with Kim has helped me awaken to dreams I didn’t know were in me, and emotionally connect with them so that I can move forward with a plan to achieve them!
Sandy K.

Working with Kim through the Ignite Vision process leads to a deep emotional connection to my vision. This connection combined with the daily processes and the weekly Synergy Group produce the drive need for me to move forward and live my vision. Each day I move one step closer to fully integrating my life toward that vision.
Norman W.

What is rewiring?

Our identity was created from our survival/fear brain through “firing and wiring” of the brain’s mechanisms. Firing happens to the degree we have an emotional reaction to something. For example, when we were little and didn’t have our logical brain functioning yet, and we got our hand slapped as we prepared to touch a hot surface, we processed that through strong emotions that said (Flight message from the amygdala / shame) – “I’m bad – I’m not ok – These people don’t like me – I need to hide so they won’t find out” – followed by the Fight message that says – “You better be good – You need to be more worthy, perfect, smart”…etc) These were deep emotional “truths” our little selves had no way of avoiding without the rational part of their brain functioning.

The “wiring” comes from repetition. So everytime something happened that we associated with the initial feeling of not being good enough, stupid, unworthy, imperfect…etc that just embedded these “truths” deeper and deeper. These brain wirings came from these strong emotions and the repeated inner experiencing of them –  and they can rewire the same way.

About Kim Fiske

Kim Fiske is a respected speaker, life coach, author and thought-leader who is sought after for her ability to effectively help people rewire emotions. She is a 7-figure income earner in Network Marketing, and author of “The Monster Under the Bed: Uncovering the Lie That Drives Us.

Kim offers Ignite Vision to the public for free because of her dearest passion to help people discover who they are at the deepest level & grow spiritually. 


Disclaimer: Ignite Vision is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified medical professional. Trained Coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care.