Dr. Michael Smith

Medical Director and Chief Medical Editor, WebMD


“Kim’s ability to see the root of our limiting beliefs and her insight on exactly how to deal with the monster we’ve brought along with us from our childhood, are absolutely eye opening and life altering for anyone who works with her.”

Mike Dooley

NY Times Bestselling Author of Infinite Possibilities, creator of "Notes from the Universe" and Co-Founder,

“At this time in our nation when families and communities suffer from polarization, Kim offers important insights and transformational strategies to rewire our thinking and create peaceful, loving relationships in every aspect of life.”

Marian Head

Author, Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peace on Earth,

“Kim has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to pure transformation and if I condensed this powerhouse of a leader down to one quality it’s, more than anything, she wants you to believe in YOU and learn these secrets, too.”

Richard Bliss Brooke

Bestselling Author of Mach II: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation and The Four Year Career®,

“Kim has been the most influential mentor of my lifetime.

Her events have been transformational in both my business and personal life. I can trace back my empowered thoughts, actions, and ability to create the life I want to her principles. She is a woman who can speak to the masses and at the same time resonate with each person individually. What she teaches isn’t just a “pow” in the present; it’s something transformational that fundamentally shifts life from then on for the better.”


Dr. Kelly Rife

Entrepreneur and Life Coach


“Kim has helped me become the confident person I am today. I can, now, get up in front of a room of people and lead a discussion, or even sing. I would never have performed on stage in front of hundreds of people, without her!”


“I can’t say enough about the impact Kim Fiske has made on my life, my business, my finances and my inner growth. I have built a multi million dollar business based on her coaching and teachings. Thank you, Kim. I am so blessed.”


“Kim Fiske lifted a burden from me that I’ve had my whole life. Now I don’t feel pressure to be perfect at everything. This freedom has already helped me with my children so they don’t grow up feeling like they’ve failed if they’re not perfect. Thank you, Kim.”


“Kim Fiske has been such an inspiration.

She has taught me the essence of creating a “Team Culture” that is second to none! Her out of the box strategies are what have inspired thousands to build the life of their dreams. I can honestly say that Kim has been one of the single most valuable tools in my toolbox in building a career that has earned me millions!”

Dr. Ken Kochman

Kevin W. McCarthy

The “On-Purpose” Person


“Kim’s energy is magnetic, she speaks with passion and truth that speaks to so many different types of people. She makes me question when I have negative thoughts and opens my eyes to possibilities. She really inspires me to not just be a better coach, but also to be a better person. Her heart and words are so valuable.”


“Kim Fiske has helped me in many areas of my life. My business grew when I learned to ask better questions and how to really listen. Actually, all my relationships improved when I learned to improve those two critical communication skills with Kim’s help. It has changed how I approach everything in life.”


“As the only girl in my family, I received the subtle message that my husband would take care of me. When he died, and I was left to raise three children on my own, I felt depressed and victimized. After hearing Kim, I realized the story I was telling myself was rooted in the beliefs of my family and I could think bigger.”


“Kim played a massive part in my mental shifts and awareness.

She showed me that I could be unconditionally loved. (I might have heard it before but I hadn’t seen it before.) Most recently, I finally GOT that my monster learns what I learn and speaks to me at a higher and higher level. (Tricky!) But I love and understand it’s role to keep me safe. I am safe being my true wonderful self.”