Every day, I find more clarity and participate in a “conversation” with Infinite Intelligence. There is no final destination on the spiritual path.

We are all aware that JOURNALING is renowned as a way of connecting to our higher selves / God / our purpose… and that it has multiple therapeutic benefits.

Let’s talk about our journaling practices:
I find when I don’t start my writing by thinking about what I will write – but just start freestyling – sometimes I just start with “I don’t even know what I am going to write about – this feels funny. But I am going to start writing and I know by doing that ideas will emerge. I will keep writing (and I either do a certain time or certain amount of pages).

It’s so incredible that once I get in the “groove” of writing, and don’t overthink or judge what I am writing, I will notice more ideas, inspirations, intuitions and awarenesses will start showing up.

Do you journal? Tell me about your practice in the comments, or on my Instagram post (@kimfiske).

If you don’t already journal or are feeling stuck, try this:

Find 5 minutes today to sit down with a pen and paper. Close your eyes & take 3 deep breaths. Then, free write one page. It’s okay if the whole page is about how you have nothing to say — there is magic in noticing that the voice in your head can become words on paper. Start there.