There have been many times that I have dealt with the negative feelings that are triggered when I compared myself to others. It was an automatic feeling of shame (flight message), where I wanted to run and hide.

When friends or family would notice and inquire about my melancholy – if I felt free to confide my feelings to them – I would be met with the overwhelming responses, such as, “Kim, you’re unique in your own way”….or “what are you talking about, Kim? You are amazing!”… blah blah blah!

Do you think “little Kimmy” could hear those reassurances? Nope! Because these emotional “firings” were not forged in my logical or reasonable brain.

They were created in a BIGGER “real world” in the amazing imagination of a child.

That’s where my work is focused. Recreating in the world of the imagination in order to un-wire and re-wire from a new and much truer TRUTH!

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