Last year, I attended a Media Summit in New York to talk about my book. I talked to the biggest media outlets in our country. They were very specific about the stories they wanted – It had to have an emotional/sensational, mostly liberal message. No rational, kind, “let’s try and build unity” messages allowed. (If you know me, you know that what I’d really like to do for the public is help create peace, not create separation.)

This isn’t a surprise to anyone reading this, I’m sure… but I don’t blame the people in charge of the media entirely. Why do they do it? Because WE buy it – WE read it – WE listen to it. They are giving the people what they want.

It reminds me of when my boys would fight. I would tell one of them if they stopped reacting when the other would pester them, the other would stop doing the pestering. The REACTION is why they do it. It is fun to see one’s power over others. “Hey – watch what happens when we put this headline up!” or “Ok – get ready for the huge hailstorm coming that this headline or story will cause.” And in the “journalist” world – it’s “he who gets the biggest response, wins” – Not “he who tells the story in a more accurate and level-headed way.” Nope. That thought does not exist in the media world.

It is supply and demand, what gets the most views, and what really gets the public amped up and talking. Imagine a world where we got more amped up about how to love more? How to work together phenomenally? What if the news that really got people going was largely about beautiful acts of unity instead of drastic acts of separation and cruelty? 

I think we should make love & togetherness popular, as much as possible. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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